Exalt Spin
Cost: Included in Exalt Gym membership or $5.00 for nonmembers.
When: Tuesdays and Thursdays 6:15 p.m.

What is Exalt Spin?
It is a low impact, high intensity indoor cycling class focusing on endurance and strength through interval training allowing all fitness levels to progress at their own pace.

Great Cardio

Give your lungs, gluts, calves, hamstrings, and quads a fantastic workout while building strength and burning up to 900 calories a class!

With a highly motivated instructor, upbeat music, and a class full of encouraging peers, spin also builds mental strength. Commit to attending regularly and not only will your physical endurance increase but, your mental wellbeing will also flourish.

What you need to know for your first class:
Bring a water bottle and a towel. If you’ve never sweat before, prepare to sweat! Arrive a few minutes early for the instructor to help you set up your bike properly. Wear comfortable gym clothes. Moisture wicking is recommended. Spin shoes or tennis shoes are required. Remember you are working at your own pace, not your neighbors. Set small goals and commit to at least 3 classes. You will see and feel big results after just six sessions.

Can I bring a Friend?
Yes, bring them all! Have your friends fill out a waiver at the front entrance and pay the instructor a small fee of $5 per guest.

LUminita ghetman

FItour Certified indoor cycling instructor